For more than 30 years, DMW has provided a variety of surveying services to both public and private clients, for residential and commercial projects. Our digital surveying professionals use the latest technology and equipment as our means to provide expedient, accurate, three-dimensional data which can be used in a variety of applications, enabling us to cover land areas more quickly and more accurately while offering more cost-effective methods than conventional surveying. With the use of GPS and robotics, our team can effectively map the position of wetlands, streams, vegetation and other site improvements or conditions, allowing for quick assessments of potential land uses as well as developmental constraints.


  • Field and Aerial Topographic Surveys
  • Electronic Data Collection and Processing
  • Boundary, ALTA-ACSM, Land Title Surveys
  • Automated Base and Plat Drafting
  • Construction Surveys
  • Wireless Services
  • Record and Right-of-way Plat Preparation
  • Construction and Building Stakeout Services
  • FEMA Elevation Certifications

Our Latest Surveying Projects