Our environmental compliance group and design teams work closely with our clients to ensure all DMW projects comply with today’s ever-changing environmental regulations. DMW fully supports conservation and enhancement of our natural resources and we have successfully guided numerous site development projects through the environmental compliance review process to ensure that landowners achieve the maximum allowable use of their lands. The benefits of this important in-house capability are measured by our cumulative successes in providing seamless, professional and efficient solutions to land development.


  • Preliminary Environmental Assessments
  • Natural Resources Constraints Evaluations
  • Wetland and Stream Delineations
  • Wetland and Waterway Construction Permits
  • Wetland Mitigation Design and Monitoring
  • Steep Slopes/Erodible Soils Analyses
  • Forest Stand Delineations and Forest Conservation Plans
  • Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Plans
  • Environmental Site Planning
  • Environmental Permits, Variances, and Waivers
  • Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas
  • Marina Design and Permitting
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Studies
  • Shoreline Restoration and Enhancement Plans

Our Latest Environmental Projects