Legacy Project
Quarry Lake at Greenspring


The 40-acre lake and focal point of DMW’s Quarry Lake at Greenspring project began filling with water at midnight on December 31, 1999, when mining ceased, and the giant pumps were switched off.  Before then, nearly a million gallons of water were being pumped out of the Greenspring Quarry pit each day, and Daft-McCune-Walker was designing and drafting plans to reclaim the mine, restore the land, and create a vibrant mixed-use development just inside the Baltimore Beltway at Greenspring Avenue.  In addition to the complex County zoning and development processes, DMW navigated the project through environmental permitting and mining laws, sequencing site reclamation to roll seamlessly into residential and commercial land development, all while restoring miles of streams, creating acres of wetlands, and preserving more than 65 acres of forests.  We hope you’ll visit Quarry Lake at Greenspring soon to enjoy the lakefront park, stroll around its walking path, enjoy first-rate shopping and waterfront dining, and see for yourself how Daft-McCune-Walker is designing, developing, and delivering truly exceptional places to live, work, and play.

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