Mr. Kellman has over 24 years of experience working in zoning, subdivision, and development regulations for the public and private sector. He spent half of his career with the Baltimore County Review Office. He was responsible for the review and approval of Final Development Plans and Record Plats as well as the review of petitions and site plans filed for zoning hearings. He represented the Zoning Review Office on the County Development Review Committee, a body reviewing the procedural compliance of all development submissions. Additionally, he meets with developers, attorneys, and design professionals on project development matters and makes determinations regarding developments and their compliance with county regulations. Mr. Kellman uses his public sector experience to help clients through the myriad of zoning, subdivision, and development regulations to achieve the highest and best use of their property. He has extensive experience in testifying before the Baltimore County Zoning Commissioner, Hearing Officer, Administrative Law Judges, and Board of Appeals. Mr. Kellman regularly represents the company at the Baltimore County Development Review Committee meetings. As a member of Baltimore County’s Design Review Panel, he is involved in formulating design recommendations to the Planning staff and Administrative Law Judges. Mr. Kellman was appointed by the County Executive to serve on Baltimore County’s Landmarks Preservation Commission.