Mr. Beall provides senior level engineering and project management for governmental projects and private sector clients. He coordinates with clients and team members to create projects with fiscal constraint and optimal operation and maintenance expense. With over eighteen (18) years of public sector experience as Director of Planning and Growth Management for Charles County, MD., Mr. Beall was responsible for performing executive planning and growth management work in directing the county’s comprehensive and land use planning, environmental, engineering, building and infrastructure permit administration, and capital improvement programs. In addition to his public sector experience Mr. Beall has over twenty (20) years of experience working in the private sector. That experience includes inspection, surveying, and design. His design and management experience includes state highways, water and sewer systems and all types of local infrastructure. He has worked on governmental projects as well as on land development for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Mr. Beall is Past President of the County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM) and remains active in the Association. He has spoken at numerous public and private sector conferences around the State and has served on several State technical committees.